Invitation au voyage 2002

Waiting for you in Grijpskerk (spring) 2005

Aloys a une pensée pour Sartre 2005

A dandy has left us 2007

I see you 2006

Adieu ma belle cerisaie 2011

The title I borrowed from a poem by Charles Baudelaire :

L'Invitation au Voyage

Mon enfant, ma soeur,

Songe à la douceur

D'aller là-bas vivre ensemble !

Aimer à loisir,

Aimer et mourir,

au pays qui te ressemble !

Invitation to the Voyage

My sister, my child imagine, exiled,

The sweetness, of being there, we two !

To live and to sigh,

to love and to die,

In the land that mirrors you !

(Translation A.S.Kline)